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I am that person you didn’t want to be as a child – Lazy, Ugly and highly Disillusioned!

If I was to write a CV of my minuses, some bullet points would be as under –

  • Short-height, Long unkempt hair, unimpressive first impressions
  • Extremely lazy, has to drink 3-4 cups of coffee/day to keep going
  • Easily irritable, extremely jealous, usually keeps to myself
  • A leech who lusts after most (actually by most I mean 99.5%) women


But yes, at some level I feel I am blessed. Born to a caring family, married the best girl around, live in a luxurious house (parents’) and drive insanely sexy cars (read.convertible)!

I don’t know (again gifted) but I ended up in a very profitable profession with a 6-digit monthly income! At 35, I take great pride in my enviable take-home.

Also have my way with words and an ambition to make something of myself as a writer (my debut book The Roadtrippers 1.0 released in late-2016 – please buy it here


“One can find many reasons to drown thyself,

but needs only one reason to live.”


The purpose of this blog is NOT TO create a blog income of any sort. The target is to have enough saved and then call it quits, document my journey all along.

I am going to share my real life numbers, investments, targets and so protecting my identity from all perverts/ hackers/ online frauds etc is the reader’s responsibility!


Below are the personal missions, and this blog is going to be categorized around articles on these very topics. These are aspects of life which give it a meaning, and a happy run.

Financial Mission

  • To attain a wealth of 20-crore INR
  • To generate a return of 9% per annum from the corpus
  • To spend around 20-25% and re-invest 60-70%, i.e., 1-crore at least (greedy class lifestyle + future security!)
  • To put 5-10% for charity (still have a heart somewhere…)

Health Mission

  • To work out in the gym 3-4 times a week atleast
  • To have no major illness by 60s and 70s (already have hypothyroid since 32)
  • To eat healthy as much as I can… okay i rephrase it; to eat delicious, sumptous food as often as I could, yet stay in the healthy zone (i cant give up on food!)

Self-Actualization Mission

  • To write books and be recognized as an entertaining, thought-provoking & a credible author by my readers (for those of you who are new, please check out The Roadtrippers 1.0 — my debut book published in late 2016)
  • To travel the world — atleast 1 new country every year + a few other mini-holidays (have been to 18 countries, still have 2-3 that I really look forward to…)

Relationships Mission

  • To nurture a happy family, happy home environment for my wife and son. I want to look back at myself as a “good husband” and a “good father” on my deathbed (already missed out the opportunities to look back at myself as a good son)
  • To maintain and develop my close set of friends who I can fall back upon.


Keep returning for more stuff as often as I could. I intend to write something or the other, almost every week! Your comments are required to keep up the fire in my (writer’s) belly.

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