Year-end Finances September 2019

This being a personal blog - it is allowed liberties beyond normalcy/ rules, isn't it? Nice opening to justify, why I am doing a personal ANNUAL finance update instead of a monthly one? Primarily because a monthly one got too boring (I did it from NOV17-SEP18) and I discovered that I have nothing new to... Continue Reading →

Month-end Finances as on 30th September 2018

Firstly, happy birthday me 🙂 I turn 35 this month, a landmark year for myself given that I am into numbers/ landmarks/ events etc. (no dont think of Subodh-Dil Chahta Hai! I am not him. lmao). Anyway 35 is important to me. I typify it with middle-age, and also the beginning of second innings of... Continue Reading →

Month-end Finance as on 31July2018

Ahh.. the musky deer... the white elephant... the.. the.. nirvana fountain - it is here !   After months, and months, and months, and months of waiting; I finally look forward to writing a post about my month-end finances. Why shouldn't I? Markets are at an all-time high and for the first time - my... Continue Reading →

Month-end Finance as on 30th JUNE 2018

A late post... partly because of laziness, busy schedule... but mostly because of NOTHING NEW TO SAY!   I will make it short and crisp. Self-loathing can be demoralising beyond a point... The markets were pretty volatile.. Nifty ended up roughly in the same zone (-0.20%) My portfolio was heavily volatile.. It ended up -1.57%!... Continue Reading →

Monthly finance on 31st May 2018

Honestly, I don't want to do this post. There is nothing new to say, there isn't much happening either. I can rumble a post of probably 20,000 words about my personal state of frustrations; but that will be off-the-mark here. On personal finance front - the past month has been as uneventful as any. In-short... Continue Reading →


The very reason why this blog, this vent-out space came into being is a "fire in a belly" or a man possessed. Confused? Read on... I think I have had a reasonable financial upbringing. My father rose from the bottom-of-the-rung to the very top (i.e. poor to an HNI) and my parents knowingly/unknowingly fed a... Continue Reading →

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