Month-end Finances as on 30th September 2018

Firstly, happy birthday me 🙂 I turn 35 this month, a landmark year for myself given that I am into numbers/ landmarks/ events etc. (no dont think of Subodh-Dil Chahta Hai! I am not him. lmao). Anyway 35 is important to me. I typify it with middle-age, and also the beginning of second innings of my life.

But because this is going to be a sad post financially (yet again!), I will start with something encouraging; a look at my financial future assuming all things remain constant from here on –

This is a tentative look at how my net-worth shall progress, if I do-

  1. no further new investments
  2. start eating my capital for annual expenses, and at 5% inflation y-on-y basis
  3. draw a modest 9% return on my capital! 

cool isn’t it? It means I could retire right away, live a lavish life henceforth and still leave my son a hefty legacy if I die at 80 in 2063! That will be 180cr then (@5% inflation, its PV is 20cr.) I suddenly feel so upbeat about my finances ! haha. I can begin the sad post with poise now…

Firstly the markets. NIFTY was down by -6.39% indicating a possible bear run in the market. Even though it is alarming; I am not overly loosing sleep yet because (a) have enough cushion in form of debt-holdings (b) I see it as a minor blip in the large scheme of things, i.e., 10-15 year horizon.

Still the numbers speak of misery imposed. My portfolio went down by -3.76%. While it may not ring alarm bells – the absolute figure does, -53lac! Honestly, if/when I am really looking at a market-linked portfolio size of 25-cr as the dream is; a monthly alpha of 1cr will be mind-boggling!

So the market vis-a-vis portfolio looked like below –

Nifty50 change Portfolio change
30/08/18 11,676.00 ₹ 13,95,03,586
30/09/18 10,930.00 -6.39% ₹ 13,42,62,730 -3.76%


While the overall breakup was as below –

Portfolio: ₹ 13,42,62,730
EQUITY ₹5,01,43,943 Stocks: ₹97,64,163 37%
PMS: ₹69,50,000
Mutual Funds (E): ₹3,34,29,780
DEBT ₹8,41,18,787 Tax-Free Debts: ₹1,20,18,000 63%
Loans/FDs: ₹2,35,00,000
Mutual Funds (D): ₹4,86,00,787

*Equity: Debt ratio is supposed to be 40:60 under ideal circumstances. However due to fall in equity markets; the percentage breakup looks skewed. I hope it shall correct by itself in due course.


Lessons from September?

  1. Do not indulge too much in trading. pff. Still have an open position in RIL 25OCT FUT, and given the volatility; it is expected to give more sleepless nights ahead…
  2. A bad advisor is a bad advisor. period. He cannot improve with passing time. reference: SMC advisor. (ps: this could be a life advise/ lesson too) Do not expect asses to turn into horses in due course just because they are working in the same line-of-work!
  3. Legacy. One must leave behind a certain measurable/large legacy for their next generation; especially when one could. Only investing in their education/ upbringing isn’t enough – again especially when you could. Will do a detailed post on it separately.


Thats it for the wrap up. I am looking for a few silent months especially during festivities upto Christmas. A mini-target is to stare at 15-cr by year-end; largely funded by new investments than any jackpots from the market.


As a closing comment (copied) –

The stock market dropping feels like when my wife gets angry. I know there’s a reason but I’m still completely clueless and I’ve heard if I spend money things will get better.

Month-end Finances as on 31 August 2018

Money-wise, this has been a happy month for me. I like writing such posts : ) 🙂 🙂

Even though I am not entirely proud of my writing schedule, either on the blog or for my book (both have been practically non-existent) – the investment portfolio is soaring.

Also there is a famous saying, “When you have nothing to say, say nothing.” I guess that summarises my state for writing of-late. Its not that I am short on plots; but my mind-space is filled with business (logistics, portfolio, travel). Its not necessarily a bad thing…

Life is a palate of colours and I can’t brush it all blue even though it may be my favourite colour! So WRITING is blue for me. But other colours are important too.

Anyway back to money.

Disclaimer: my portfolio has skewed hugely towards debt now – deliberately. And so benchmarking against NIFTY50 shall almost always show that I am underperforming. Nifty50 is large cap stocks, while my portfolio is less than 40% equity now! So I am going to include a third column of performance – 40% equity performance as well (even though my actual target is 35% equity, yet I do it 40% to put little pressure on myself). This shall hopefully give a more accurate picture. Time for the snapshot:

Nifty50 change Portfolio change equity growth
31/07/18 11,356.00 5.99% ₹ 13,80,55,618 5.30%
30/08/18 11,676.00 2.82% ₹ 13,98,72,883 1.32% 2.80%

Firstly the markets are doing well.

Secondly the portfolio grew 1.32% but equity too matched the market and grew 2.80%! Now thats quite neat! Some major movements I made –

  • booked profits in RIL scrip. Looking back, I sold them a little too early. but no regrets, I made over 100% profit in less than 2 years!
  • finally got rid of (rather it expired) the hybrid fund. it yield 6% over last 3years. but its chapter is over now.
  • increased exposure to PMS products. I will rather do less indulgence in small-caps and let professionals do that job.. learnt the hard-way.
  • most importantly – made huge investments in debt-portfolio. 2cr in a liquid fund, 1cr in a bank FD. The idea is to make 5lac per month fixed income from 8cr debt fund investments. I know at my age, it is a conservative thing to do – but given the high stakes, it is important to do so.

Current portfolio as below –

Portfolio: ₹ 13,98,72,883
Direct Stocks ₹1,23,35,901 38%
Equity MF ₹4,07,14,044
Debt MF ₹5,05,99,938 56%
Bonds&FDs ₹2,83,72,000
Bank A/C ₹28,51,000 6%
Loans Given ₹50,00,000

Targets for March, 2020 as below (1.5years) –

TARGETS: ₹20,00,00,000
DEBT ₹8,00,00,000
REAL ESTATE ₹5,00,00,000
EQUITY ₹7,00,00,000

Notice the new addition in above. I have been foolish to ignore it, but again, I learn things the long way than short. Anyway Real-estate shouldn’t be ignored especially in a developing economy. I am going to put 25% weightage to it, with a view to get 4-5% rental income but more importantly, look at capital appreciation over a 20-year horizon.

This money (for real estate) will be coming out of my business. As explained before,  the business isn’t doing too well so it is prudent to take out money and invest in portfolio – especially with an eye at the future!


Fingers crossed…


Month-end Finance as on 31July2018

Ahh.. the musky deer… the white elephant… the.. the.. nirvana fountain – it is here !


After months, and months, and months, and months of waiting; I finally look forward to writing a post about my month-end finances. Why shouldn’t I? Markets are at an all-time high and for the first time – my portfolio too has responded positively to it, yay!

I just couldn’t stop smiling, ear-to-ear. Life feels good, when your plan is working – however pint-sized it may be! All those elusive terms like delayed gratification, the famous marshmallow test, finally start to make sense.

However, time for some new lessons too. The flight cannot last forever, so it would be prudent to think ahead. The markets are high today – it will come down sooner or later (and then go up again). But first some numbers –


Nifty50 change Portfolio change
30/06/18 10,714.00 -0.20% ₹ 9,82,94,928 -1.57%
20/07/18 11,356.00 5.99% ₹ 11,03,55,618* 5.30%

*includes loans given, their impact however isn’t considered in % change in portfolio


Nifty increase by 6% is matched by a 5.3% increase in portfolio is not bad at all! If I consider it on a 7-month scale (i.e. from January 2018 to July 2018), then Nifty has only increased by a mere 3.08% while portfolio increased by 4.38%! Cool isn’t it?



  • spectacular show my RELIANCE. My most favourite scrip in the stock markets. It has given me trading profits (F&O), it has given growth profits (held shares) and till last year, it has given me business profits too ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • overall market euphoria which pushes everything up, up, up


The asset columns now looks like below –

Portfolio: ₹ 11,03,55,618
Direct Stocks ₹1,65,86,847 49%
Equity MF ₹3,71,53,020
F&O ₹3,51,280
Debt MF ₹3,03,73,470 44%
Bonds&FDs ₹1,76,72,000
HDFC Bank ₹16,08,000 7%
IndusInd ₹1,11,000
Loans Given ₹50,00,000
Metals ₹15,00,000

A neat 11-crore!

Some food for thought, for coming months –

  1. The business income/targets have been reduced considerably. Well, the income reduced first and for my own mental sanctity – I have readjusted the targets too, to fall in line. I know its hard, but thats life. You have to adjust, then readjust to maintain your sanity…
  2. On my broker’s pestering (yeah, same SMC guy. He is clever I tell you!), I got into F&Os. Like any new marriage, this one has yielded a happy time so far. I am being cautious – but I never know with myself
  3. I intend to aggressively dabble into real-estate investments and make them an active part of the portfolio. Part inspiration has come from re-reading RichDadPoorDad-series. Part comes from the fact that real-estate is low for a while now (good time to buy, eh). But the biggest part comes from the fact that I foresee active-business income to continue going down – so it is the right time to aggressively further swell the portfolio.

My ideal investment portfolio target for March-2023 is as below (Robert Kiyoski inspired):




Rental Property Passive Income ₹ 3,00,00,000
Other Property Growth ₹ 4,00,00,000
Bank FD & Tax-Free Bonds Passive Income ₹ 2,00,00,000
Debt Funds Passive Income ₹ 3,00,00,000
Equity Mutual Funds (mix cap) Growth ₹ 6,00,00,000
Stocks & Trading Growth ₹ 2,00,00,000

Passive Income (6%) from April, 2023:  4,00,000 every month!

Active Income (business) from April, 2023: ₹ 10,00,000 every month!

Growth NOTIONAL Income (10%) from April, 2023: ₹ 10,00,000 every month!





Month-end Finance as on 30th JUNE 2018

A late post…

partly because of laziness, busy schedule…

but mostly because of NOTHING NEW TO SAY!


I will make it short and crisp. Self-loathing can be demoralising beyond a point…

The markets were pretty volatile.. Nifty ended up roughly in the same zone (-0.20%)

My portfolio was heavily volatile.. It ended up -1.57%!

Nifty50 change Portfolio change
30/04/18 10,739.00 6.19% ₹ 10,09,97,951 4.34%
31/05/18 10,736.00 -0.03% ₹ 9,98,59,850 -1.13%
30/06/18 10,714.00 -0.20% ₹ 9,82,94,928 -1.57%


But finally I took some corrective action (yay!)

It may not reflect immediately, but it shall surely (hopefully, pray-fully, mercifully…) yield something over 8-10 months. I exited some dud midcap stocks, booked my losses, brought down my overdraft in trading portfolio, and the overall trading portfolio itself!

I am not a trader. Period.

If I am an investor or not – it shall be discovered over next couple of years.

Overall portfolio looks like –

Portfolio: ₹ 9,80,58,178
Direct Stocks ₹1,35,59,095
Equity MF ₹3,35,32,176
Debt MF ₹3,23,56,907
Bonds&FDs ₹1,76,10,000
HDFC Bank ₹3,92,000
IndusInd ₹1,08,000
cash ₹5,00,000

I am not happy with the dip…

But I can live with it… As long as I dont repeat the mistakes… And there’s some light at the end of this tunnel…!







Monthly finance on 31st May 2018

Honestly, I don’t want to do this post. There is nothing new to say, there isn’t much happening either.

I can rumble a post of probably 20,000 words about my personal state of frustrations; but that will be off-the-mark here. On personal finance front – the past month has been as uneventful as any. In-short the common features as below –

  • No major gains/ losses (overall)
  • Same old problem of trading-portfolio not doing well – and I am unable to exit it!
  • Outdone by NIFTY again!


The relative value of Portfolio VS Nifty as below:

Nifty50 change Portfolio change
30/04/18 10,739.00 ₹ 10,09,97,951
31/05/18 10,736.00 -0.03% ₹ 9,98,59,850 -1.13%

It will be mundane to repeat the obvious – my portfolio shouldn’t have lost more than 30,000 Rupees and it lost 10.50 lac in value !!!

If I don’t experience stock-market bliss by mid-2019 (i.e. next general elections), I will quit active market participation and make an FD. Admit the mistake, so to speak (which currently looks a VERY HIGH POSSIBILITY)


Anyway, an overall browse of current positions as below –

Portfolio: ₹ 9,98,59,850
Direct Stocks ₹1,45,31,330 49%
Equity MF ₹3,48,08,522
Debt MF ₹3,22,41,999 50%
Bonds&FDs ₹1,73,10,000
HDFC Bank ₹3,60,000 1%
IndusInd ₹1,08,000
cash ₹5,00,000

Broadly, it looks like a well-diversified and pragmatic portfolio. 49:51 Equity-to-Debt ratio, well spread between asset classes. But it hides some huge flaws; some obvious ones (to me!) as below –

  • around 92lac (10%) is in ‘small stocks’ or what I call as – trading portfolio. It is down by a good 30-lac (i.e., 33%!) and I really need to give myself the luxury of buying a gun. Yeah, and few bullets too. SMC guy deserves it (and so do I…)
  • Debt MF is highly skewed towards a single-fund
  • Equity MF have too many funds – 15. Thats 10 too many…!


Hope next month brings some relief.


(PS: I just went through previous months’ numbers. end of Jan – Nifty was 11016 while the portfolio was 9.95cr. Today Nifty is 10736 while portfolio is 9.98cr. If I discount the new investments made in these 4-months; then also the portfolio is down by 1.30% while Nifty is down by 2.60%.)

Does it mean I am not doing too bad, eh? Or is it “choosing the numbers the way they suit me?”



Keep your eXpEcTaTiOnS lower…

Before you judge & dismiss this post as, “Not for me”, please hear my argument.


I am not asking you to be happy with your Chinese-mobile/ 8-year laptop and accept your 1bhk kingdom in the name of lowered expectations.

Neither am I asking you to wear false-skin and live a chicken’s life when you are actually born as an elephant (now that I close my eyes and read it, its difficult not to imagine what it’d actually look like!)

Neither am I asking you to stop giving up on your childhood dream of having ‘a burning hot girlfriend you could proudly walk around with‘ and instead settle for the colony-nerd (you dont deserve her! nerds actually are more loyal, committed and caring!)


But lowering your expectations – you must! There is a gulf of difference between “standards” and “expectations”


In this world of superficiality; the norm is to appear confident, sound superior, brag your extra-ordinary passions and make your dad-funded startup appear like the next-best-thing. These norms are created by the internet wave, social media and generally high level of expectations.

Today if you are not posting your coolest work-updates on Facebook, you are living a mundane life. If your Instagram isn’t filled with unenviable vacation pictures or food-shots (loaded with calories), then you are not living – you’re merely existing. If your watsapp/wechat doesn’t have a status update every other day or your tweets have less than 10-hearts; sorry bud, you are not cool.

Sadly the level of expectations is higher than ever before! A generation or so earlier, it was okay to be normal. Now, normal is the new low. Yes, you are at your lowest end of the ebb if you are participating, but not winning.

Facebook is a battle my friend – you are “playing” it to win it. We are all posing our happy faces, happy content on social media because it is a game we are playing against our 182-friends and 765-acquaintances who also have a profile there.

Disagree? I give you more…

“Sharmaji ka beta” memes is the best satirical take on the level-of-expectations to our generation.

  • He is the biggest enemies of children of India.
  • He scores 90% in school.
  • He wins debate competitions over “Toilets in India” in college.
  • He earns 25-lac p.a. in his first job.
  • He touches elder’s feet even when they are in a radius of 600 meters.
  • He marries a sati-savitri bahu, who also behaves like him (actually no – all bahus are vamps)
  • Ever since Kohli married Anushka; “Sharmaji ka damaad” is enviable too!
  • Basically, he is this –6c1914e4-eae1-4aeb-9f9c-cd6761f1f6d5.jpg



Back to the question… Can we all be like him? No we couldn’t!

Better question, do we all want to be like him? umm, no but we wouldn’t mind…


And thats where my theory starts. “We wouldn’t mind” starts out of this unsaid desire ingrained in all of us to be the “ideal” one. Blame it on your parents, on your peers, on your self-expectations, on society, on 2018 – whoever. But this level of expectations is the actual culprit.


Keep your expectations lower is a life-style/ thought-style where you realise that the world is organised around orbits. If there are 10-orbits where each orbit represents your social & financial status; and you are on orbit no.4; then be happy where you are. Do not aspire to go to orbit 5 or 6 or 7. Okay even if you do, Do Not aspire to be at 9 or 10.

Divide the people around you into these orbits. See which orbit you currently place yourself at. Then decide where you want to be, in a perfectly reasonable, easily attainable and most importantly; sustainable sense of the word.

Confused? Don’t worry. Read on…


Having said that, N.S. Sidhu once said, “The biggest room in this world – is the room for improvement!” Oh how I would have loved to salute him and to kiss him ( I am not gay btw) if I was there when he spoke those magic words.

This truism added with Lowering your expectations, makes a potent mix. Keep striving for improvement – for that is a process, a non-tangible one yet a very real standard to live upto.


So if I am making 100-grands a month, and I am unhappy with it; I must keep my expectations to 150 or 200-grands (reasonable, attainable & sustainable) and then put a full-stop to it. From there on, I shouldn’t expect anything more else I’d be the next “Sharmaji ka beta“. But keep chasing improvement!

If only life could follow my dictation…  

Month-end Financial Position as on 30th April 2018

Let me start this post by saying, “Ms-Excel is the best innovation for us simple folks who love the objectivity, the analysis and control over a subject.” So thank you Ms-Excel. Thank you Bill Gates!


Think of someone in 1995; 30-32 year old bloke and aiming for a similar control and documentation of his journey. How would he do it? Maybe filling up notebooks. Maybe selling & buying his shares, mf, bonds etc in physical form and maintaining a file for them. Maybe updating his bank-passbook every other day and tallying it up on month-end. So many “maybes” addressed by a simple invention… think about it.


Anyway back to basics for now. April 2018 was not much eventful so I really don’t have much to introspect upon. Even though 6-months into this blog, I see a trend – I am regularly being beaten by my “chosen” benchmark and I am not loving this feeling! Yet, I want to give more time to my calls, and so if this trend continues for another 6-month, I will definitely do something about the portfolio.

Nifty50 change Portfolio change
31/01/18 11,016.00 ₹ 9,95,00,000
28/02/18 10,489.00 -4.78% ₹ 9,97,60,000 0.26%
30/03/18 10,113.00 -3.58% ₹ 9,68,00,000 -2.97%
30/04/18 10,739.00 6.19% ₹ 10,09,97,951 4.34%

So in April, while the Nifty50 grew by 6.19%, my portfolio grew a paltry 4.34%! It essentially means if I had bought an index fund mirroring nifty50; I’d have been richer this month by 18lac rupees! I hope its not a costly miss….


Anyway, I reiterate what I said above. I want to give these calls a little more time, maybe another 6-months. Also, the same old mistake of “broker driven trading calls” continue to feature. Lets just say, I will grow up one day….

The problem with these numbers is – they just reflect your position AT THAT POINT OF TIME. They do not reflect any real profit or even loss. So one shouldn’t lose too much sleep over them. Rather a better way to look at it would be to see from point-of-purchase till point-of-sale.

So for example, if I was to buy the entire portfolio on 31st January 2018 and sell it ALL on 30th April 2018 (3-month), what would be the overall gain be? Here in my case, NIFTY50 has slipped from its 31st Jan levels, while the portfolio is in positive.


Time for some individual break-up –

Portfolio: ₹ 10,09,97,951
Direct Stocks ₹1,60,41,415 50%
Equity MF ₹3,46,97,786
Debt MF ₹3,21,06,750 49%
Bonds&FDs ₹1,73,10,000
HDFC Bank ₹2,34,000 1%
IndusInd ₹1,08,000
cash ₹5,00,000


2-3 months back, I had taken a deliberate call to do a 50:50 portfolio, and I am proud to share that this has been achieved. Again for the purpose of sanctity, I only target a 10% growth (because of high skew towards debt now).





(ps: these are only trading stocks. thankfully I have a separate long-term stocks portfolio with good holdings like RIL etc at dirt-cheap prices)

(pps: red-marked are poor emotional hangups and I know I need to exit them at a loss. I just dont know when..)

BHEL 28-02-2018 ₹ 90.15 5000.00 87.80
CANARA BANK 23-02-2018 ₹ 313.55 2000.00 265.95
DEEP INDUSTRIES 12-04-2018 ₹ 176.15 3000.00 155.85
GREAVES COTTON 23-04-2018 ₹ 127.85 5000.00 124.80
HCL INFOSYSTEMS 24-04-2018 ₹ 54.52 10000.00 52.30
HDIL 15-05-2017 ₹ 97.60 10000.00 33.25
HFCL 18-09-2017 ₹ 35.85 25000.00 27.90
HUDCO 12-07-2017 ₹ 84.20 7500.00 65.65
IDBI BANK 26-02-2018 ₹ 82.05 10000.00 66.15
IFCI 23-05-2017 ₹ 28.31 55000.00 19.90
JAIPRAKASH ASSOCIATES 28-03-2018 ₹ 19.40 70000.00 19.90
JINDAL STEEL 23-04-2018 ₹ 112.75 5000.00 92.25
L&T FINANCE 29-08-2017 ₹ 195.12 4300.00 173.05
NRB BEARINGS 26-04-2018 ₹ 180.20 4500.00 173.05
ORIENTAL BANK 28-02-2018 ₹ 97.40 5000.00 93.85
PATSPIN INDIA 12-07-2017 ₹ 27.69 13000.00 16.60
PC JEWELLERS 30-04-2018 ₹ 165.80 2500.00 144.50
PNB 01-03-2018 ₹ 100.90 10000.00 95.40


Look forward to recommendations. Please bail me out from this “obsession” to see off my trading portfolio in a no-profit-no-loss situation 🙂


The very reason why this blog, this vent-out space came into being is a “fire in a belly” or a man possessed. Confused? Read on…

I think I have had a reasonable financial upbringing. My father rose from the bottom-of-the-rung to the very top (i.e. poor to an HNI) and my parents knowingly/unknowingly fed a lot of hunger for money in me as well. As they were poor once, they valued money and ingrained the Importance of Having lesson in me.

Except that, I turned out to be the joker of the pack.

Always drawn towards existential questions, meaning of life, social & even economic injustice etc; I think I ended up being that left-brain-dominated person who’d be often discontented in this societal war-zone crazy for money. Analysing myself, I realised I’d rather enjoy the Luxury of Being and like to spend my majority years cherishing fine arts, writing stories, day dreaming, star gazing or simply doing nothing (you can call me lazy – but hey, someone once said –

जो कुछ नहीं करते, वो कामल करते हैं ... 
those who dont do anything, do wonders


Net-result of these two diabolical viewpoints living inside me, I made a grand plan for myself. And thats where I learnt of this western concept of FIRE – Financially Independent Retire Early. The name is quite self explanatory, yet I shall spell it out for the uninitiated – FIRE is a conscious decision to retire/ quit the rat-race to make money 10-15-20-even more years ahead of your conventional retirement, and that living off that income. Take a moment to re-read and digest it.


Why do we work? To feed our ever-growing tummies, to have a roof on top, to wear shiny new clothes every month and to dine out every week, to watch a movie every two weeks and to take a vacation every six months. I guess that pretty much sums it up, right?

WRONG SIR. This is what our evolution has got us to…

Below is an excerpt I wrote for one of my upcoming books, in a part of The Roadtrippers Series –

Long ago, man was born free. He simply lived by instincts.

Hunted when required.
Slept when he felt tired.
Found companions for his needs.
Had kids. Prepared them for survival.
Importantly, he had skills to survive and wasn’t “slave to anything” from day 1…

There was no debt, no money, no taxes, no schools, no future planning, no tall buildings, no pollution, no fancy transport, no insurance, no gadgets, no show off, no peer pressure, no competition, no comparison – “only freedom”




Remember VED from Tamasha? I bet he hadn’t heard of FIRE or else he wouldn’t have lost his girl, fought his parents and almost screwed-up his life. He would have simply gotten in-front of his laptop, done some numbers, lived a bit-of-a disciplined life and bingo – kept his FIRE and his sanctity intact.


Anyway as the above excerpt from my book and the movie Tamasha try to indicate – a man (or woman) is much more than the odd-bucks they work for month-on-month basis. But a man has to earn his daal-roti too. FIRE allows you to do both.

  1. Step 1 – Identify your recurring & non-recurring expenses. Right from your monthly rent, maid salary etc to your annual travel expense; account for it all. If your “annual number” is say 10-lacs, add an extra 10% for contingencies. The new number is x.
  2. Step 2 – Join a gym and preferably, consult a dietician too. Stick to them both.
  3. Step 3 – Multiply x by 25. so in the above case, the 11lac*25 = 2.75cr. Again add 10% for contingencies. The net result is 3cr or y.
  4. Step 4 – Put your current savings together. (do not count your primary residence as your ‘saving’). Say you have 60-lacs saved so far, you’re 80% away from your FIRE.
  5. Step 5– Save aggressively. Invest intelligently. Spend reclusively. Break down this journey to y in small parts, and do not try to match-up with your peers.
  6. Step 6 – Say you reach you y in 12 years. Good for you. Work another 6-months maybe. I am a fan of worst-case-scenarios after all. Keep repeating step 2 till it becomes your habit to do so.
  7. Step 7 – Invest your y fund in a mix of fixed-income & growth investment options. Keep a withdrawal rate of 4% per year. Hang up your booths and watch tamasha to discover what shall come next 🙂


Even though I have tried to put it too simply, it really isn’t. Besides the obvious hardships of savings, resisting the temptation to spend, harsh realities of monthly budgets etc; there are some hidden factors that creep in;

  • You will feel lack of motivation mid-way as it is a marathon and not a 100m sprint
  • You risk burnout
  • You maybe labelled a miser
  • your frustrations and insecurities may take-over


But don’t let the FIRE down…. Your self-worth will quadruple once you discover that this life is enough for everything that you can think of ! You just need to dream it better…



Bucket List of Life

From the eyes of a 34-year old, who is sometimes happy, very introspective and often confused too.

But my eureka-moment came when i realised that unless i have a bucket list, i may be living my life a bit like the chicken who doesnt know when it will be out on the butcher’s table and be slaughtered.

No, i need to take more control of things. Even though i cant control the eventuality; i can still take charge of what i do upto that moment.

This bucket list is whatever came to my mind, in an hour of deliberate, solid and brutally-honest thinking. This represents my whole value system, who I am and what i want to be.

I am putting it out for all to read, for two reasons — (1) I want this pressure on me, to show myself out there (2) so that anyone who stumbles upon this post can do a similar exercise for himself/herself…

Earn, Earn and then, Earn some more

(1) Earn ****** INR every day.

Life is Expensive! Or for that matter, most of the stuff anyone puts on their bucket list comes for a price (unless one wants to ‘sit under the shade’ all day as their only entry)…

I am not overly materialistic, but you still have to earn to afford experiences. So earning X-amount of money is right up there on priorities list!

I am not sharing my actual number here because it shouldnt let anyone judge me.

life of a writer…

(2) Write several books

Now that I am a proud author of a published book — The RoadTrippers 1.0, i have that bug for life.

Part of the reason is to be remembered, but more of it comes from love for creating a story!

This is more of a “keep walking” kind of a goal.. must strive to write (and get published) a book every 3-years…





Health is not enough.. need some show-off too!

(3) Achieve the desired body

if someone says they are looking at health/ fitness as ‘the goal’ and not an envious body; they are lying. Its like saying — you have a large, successful business but no money in the bank 🙂 would you take that?

I want the perfect chest, the perfect back and ofcourse the perfect health too. Asking for too much?





keep up the surprises

(4) Keep her happy…

Now this is an on-going thing.. but also a very rewarding one (if you get it correct).. happy wife = happy life.. i cant make 365 days special for her, humanly impossible to do so.. so i shall strive to atleast make 1day (her birthday) special in some way..






Santorini & Spain..

(5) Travel to Greece and Spain

how can any bucket list be completed without loads of travel? i have been lucky, to have traveled a lot already… so the list now has Santorini, Greece as well as parts of Spain left..





Travel to Brazil

(6) Travel to Rio De Janeiro — Brazil

This is strange.. Brazil’s beaches, lifestyle etc may be attactive, but to an athiest (me), what has always attracted me the most is this Christ’s statue.. maybe because it stands for redemption?.. will find out when i get there

See pramids in Egypt

(7) Visit the Pyramids in Egypt

again.. more than countries in totality, its certain images or ‘being there’ attracts me.. Egypt’s Pyramids, mummies, their legendary stories have always been a point of fascination for me and will go there in this life certainly!






own a convertible car

(8) Buy a convertible

This is more of an emotional thing, stuck around with this thought for 8–9 years now. even though its not exactly a practical thought (Indian conditions!) but what the heck. Self-Pampering is a must in life..






start a cafe someday…

(9) Start a Cafe/ Coffee Shop

This is again a thought nurtured for a very long time. It doesnt have to be a run-of-the-mill setup though to make money — a proper chill-out space is what i am looking to do.. someday… and this one is strictly for the heart…






It is not for him, it is for ME

(10) Sponsor a child’s education

As the caption says, it will not be for the recipient, but it will be for the donor. The delight/ satisfaction i mean.

if i really could, i would start a school. but considering that it isnt happening (being practical here), i would sponsor someone for the entire stretch. As Mother Teresa famously said — “you dont have to feed a 100, you have to feed just 1”

For the love of movies

(11) Go Sky-Diving

not an adventure sport junkie, this one has caught my fancy from zindagi-na-milegi-dobara because i have always imagined myself like a bird and flying like them..

(12) Learn the guitar

The sexiest instrument ever… any music lover cannot stop from being attracted to it… only a lucky few play it… need I say more?


(13) Learn to Meditate

life has to have a certain depth.. it cant be about living in the moment and not have time to introspect.. meditation however is a conscious, hard state to achieve and will probably need a lot of practise/ patience…

Get tipsy without drinking them

(14) Learn Wine Appreciation

this is for fancy.. it still intrigues me, seeing connoisseurs stir glasses as if they are separating m&m from a chocolate fountain!

Loneliness is charming too!

(15) Travel alone and sit silently for a couple of days

this is a twister… i need to do this periodically — maybe once a month/ a quarter/ an year but i need to do it to me..

being an introvert, it shall help my inner-self shed the skin i put around me for living in society.. some “me” time.. and there has to be no-one around when i do so.

for the Vanity

(16) Get an Interview in Delhi Times

are we allowed some vanity here? who wouldnt like to be featured in the “go-to media” of their city?

Its not that i have a definite plan of ‘how to get there’, but would like it to happen.. someday..

Try them all!

(17) World Cuisines — Try them all!

How can a foodie’s list be completed without it? last count, i had 20 known/popular cuisines in-mind..


but i dont mind the list growing …






End of it all?

(18) Attain Enlightenment

This is a double-edged sword,,,

as the cliche goes — one sees light from holy abodement when they are dying.. i’d like to see it and achieve it while i am alive and not on deathbed…!

Anyone who reads the post CANNOT go without commenting or atleast sharing part of their own bucket lists. It will be a crime if you do so! 🙂