2019 Goals and Happiness

It is time to review the year, and the life too!

I have been ambitious like an I-banker; but lately have learnt the calming effect of minimalism like a monk. Currently I am somewhere in between. It is but a fact that I will sway towards the latter (like all ageing people do), so I just document the stuff that makes me happy, uncensored –

  • Family. I am being naked here – I don’t consider family beyond my wife and son. They are the ones who care for my happiness, and I for them. My parents are of course around for me (and I for them) but the “connect” of being a family is somewhere blurred. It is sad but it is so. Lying doesn’t help (we still do, to “rest of the world”). So my happiness is mostly coming from and dependent on Pragya and Luv’s well-being.
  • Money. I am quite rich (self wealth). I am proud of it. I take stock of my situation almost every other day as I fear it will all be gone or will stop growing. It is stupid to think so, but that’s how I am. Maybe this insecurity is helpful, as it keeps me balanced in my approach towards spending. But maybe it is not helpful as it keeps me over anxious towards making more money. Nevertheless, I am financially well-placed and even if my income was to stop with immediate effect; I still have around 55-years of expenses in my savings as of today (not counting interest income/ inflation on expenses)! I think thats pretty healthy. So it makes me happy.
  • As stated in opening, I am fiercely ambitious (bad!) and anything that doesn’t promise me world-domination doesn’t excite me. I am mistaken that if you don’t rule like kings do or save the streets like superheroes do; its not worth doing. Somewhere I know this is foolish; yet this is who I am. To tone down my self expectations; I keep my ambition beyond money limited to becoming a best-selling author someday (ironically, tougher odds than most other goals! yet, this is a mellow-version of me). This particular period of my life (2018) I have not been working towards it, yet the thought stays so I am bound to get it (thats how it works… if some thought stays with you, then it means it is the real “you”). For 2019, the goal is to finish manuscript in first half of the year, and then hopefully get it published in December 2019. The idea is solid, story is sure to work. I hopefully pen it well enough.
  • Working Out (1.5hours), Going to office (2.5hours), Writing on above manuscript (2hours) Watching a movie (2hours)- 4 activities for 8 hours that I need to do every single day in 2019 (actually 5 days/week, so 260 days in 2019). I have sort of come to realise that these 4 self-activities give me maximum pleasure and improve my self-worth. They are also bound to give me maximum return in my long-term goals. 8-hours/day for self, 8-hours for sleeping, and the balance 8-hours for “everything else”. Amen

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