Month-end Finances as on 30th September 2018

Firstly, happy birthday me 🙂 I turn 35 this month, a landmark year for myself given that I am into numbers/ landmarks/ events etc. (no dont think of Subodh-Dil Chahta Hai! I am not him. lmao). Anyway 35 is important to me. I typify it with middle-age, and also the beginning of second innings of my life.

But because this is going to be a sad post financially (yet again!), I will start with something encouraging; a look at my financial future assuming all things remain constant from here on –

This is a tentative look at how my net-worth shall progress, if I do-

  1. no further new investments
  2. start eating my capital for annual expenses, and at 5% inflation y-on-y basis
  3. draw a modest 9% return on my capital! 

cool isn’t it? It means I could retire right away, live a lavish life henceforth and still leave my son a hefty legacy if I die at 80 in 2063! That will be 180cr then (@5% inflation, its PV is 20cr.) I suddenly feel so upbeat about my finances ! haha. I can begin the sad post with poise now…

Firstly the markets. NIFTY was down by -6.39% indicating a possible bear run in the market. Even though it is alarming; I am not overly loosing sleep yet because (a) have enough cushion in form of debt-holdings (b) I see it as a minor blip in the large scheme of things, i.e., 10-15 year horizon.

Still the numbers speak of misery imposed. My portfolio went down by -3.76%. While it may not ring alarm bells – the absolute figure does, -53lac! Honestly, if/when I am really looking at a market-linked portfolio size of 25-cr as the dream is; a monthly alpha of 1cr will be mind-boggling!

So the market vis-a-vis portfolio looked like below –

Nifty50 change Portfolio change
30/08/18 11,676.00 ₹ 13,95,03,586
30/09/18 10,930.00 -6.39% ₹ 13,42,62,730 -3.76%


While the overall breakup was as below –

Portfolio: ₹ 13,42,62,730
EQUITY ₹5,01,43,943 Stocks: ₹97,64,163 37%
PMS: ₹69,50,000
Mutual Funds (E): ₹3,34,29,780
DEBT ₹8,41,18,787 Tax-Free Debts: ₹1,20,18,000 63%
Loans/FDs: ₹2,35,00,000
Mutual Funds (D): ₹4,86,00,787

*Equity: Debt ratio is supposed to be 40:60 under ideal circumstances. However due to fall in equity markets; the percentage breakup looks skewed. I hope it shall correct by itself in due course.


Lessons from September?

  1. Do not indulge too much in trading. pff. Still have an open position in RIL 25OCT FUT, and given the volatility; it is expected to give more sleepless nights ahead…
  2. A bad advisor is a bad advisor. period. He cannot improve with passing time. reference: SMC advisor. (ps: this could be a life advise/ lesson too) Do not expect asses to turn into horses in due course just because they are working in the same line-of-work!
  3. Legacy. One must leave behind a certain measurable/large legacy for their next generation; especially when one could. Only investing in their education/ upbringing isn’t enough – again especially when you could. Will do a detailed post on it separately.


Thats it for the wrap up. I am looking for a few silent months especially during festivities upto Christmas. A mini-target is to stare at 15-cr by year-end; largely funded by new investments than any jackpots from the market.


As a closing comment (copied) –

The stock market dropping feels like when my wife gets angry. I know there’s a reason but I’m still completely clueless and I’ve heard if I spend money things will get better.


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