Month-end Financial Position as on 30th April 2018

Let me start this post by saying, “Ms-Excel is the best innovation for us simple folks who love the objectivity, the analysis and control over a subject.” So thank you Ms-Excel. Thank you Bill Gates!


Think of someone in 1995; 30-32 year old bloke and aiming for a similar control and documentation of his journey. How would he do it? Maybe filling up notebooks. Maybe selling & buying his shares, mf, bonds etc in physical form and maintaining a file for them. Maybe updating his bank-passbook every other day and tallying it up on month-end. So many “maybes” addressed by a simple invention… think about it.


Anyway back to basics for now. April 2018 was not much eventful so I really don’t have much to introspect upon. Even though 6-months into this blog, I see a trend – I am regularly being beaten by my “chosen” benchmark and I am not loving this feeling! Yet, I want to give more time to my calls, and so if this trend continues for another 6-month, I will definitely do something about the portfolio.

Nifty50 change Portfolio change
31/01/18 11,016.00 ₹ 9,95,00,000
28/02/18 10,489.00 -4.78% ₹ 9,97,60,000 0.26%
30/03/18 10,113.00 -3.58% ₹ 9,68,00,000 -2.97%
30/04/18 10,739.00 6.19% ₹ 10,09,97,951 4.34%

So in April, while the Nifty50 grew by 6.19%, my portfolio grew a paltry 4.34%! It essentially means if I had bought an index fund mirroring nifty50; I’d have been richer this month by 18lac rupees! I hope its not a costly miss….


Anyway, I reiterate what I said above. I want to give these calls a little more time, maybe another 6-months. Also, the same old mistake of “broker driven trading calls” continue to feature. Lets just say, I will grow up one day….

The problem with these numbers is – they just reflect your position AT THAT POINT OF TIME. They do not reflect any real profit or even loss. So one shouldn’t lose too much sleep over them. Rather a better way to look at it would be to see from point-of-purchase till point-of-sale.

So for example, if I was to buy the entire portfolio on 31st January 2018 and sell it ALL on 30th April 2018 (3-month), what would be the overall gain be? Here in my case, NIFTY50 has slipped from its 31st Jan levels, while the portfolio is in positive.


Time for some individual break-up –

Portfolio: ₹ 10,09,97,951
Direct Stocks ₹1,60,41,415 50%
Equity MF ₹3,46,97,786
Debt MF ₹3,21,06,750 49%
Bonds&FDs ₹1,73,10,000
HDFC Bank ₹2,34,000 1%
IndusInd ₹1,08,000
cash ₹5,00,000


2-3 months back, I had taken a deliberate call to do a 50:50 portfolio, and I am proud to share that this has been achieved. Again for the purpose of sanctity, I only target a 10% growth (because of high skew towards debt now).





(ps: these are only trading stocks. thankfully I have a separate long-term stocks portfolio with good holdings like RIL etc at dirt-cheap prices)

(pps: red-marked are poor emotional hangups and I know I need to exit them at a loss. I just dont know when..)

BHEL 28-02-2018 ₹ 90.15 5000.00 87.80
CANARA BANK 23-02-2018 ₹ 313.55 2000.00 265.95
DEEP INDUSTRIES 12-04-2018 ₹ 176.15 3000.00 155.85
GREAVES COTTON 23-04-2018 ₹ 127.85 5000.00 124.80
HCL INFOSYSTEMS 24-04-2018 ₹ 54.52 10000.00 52.30
HDIL 15-05-2017 ₹ 97.60 10000.00 33.25
HFCL 18-09-2017 ₹ 35.85 25000.00 27.90
HUDCO 12-07-2017 ₹ 84.20 7500.00 65.65
IDBI BANK 26-02-2018 ₹ 82.05 10000.00 66.15
IFCI 23-05-2017 ₹ 28.31 55000.00 19.90
JAIPRAKASH ASSOCIATES 28-03-2018 ₹ 19.40 70000.00 19.90
JINDAL STEEL 23-04-2018 ₹ 112.75 5000.00 92.25
L&T FINANCE 29-08-2017 ₹ 195.12 4300.00 173.05
NRB BEARINGS 26-04-2018 ₹ 180.20 4500.00 173.05
ORIENTAL BANK 28-02-2018 ₹ 97.40 5000.00 93.85
PATSPIN INDIA 12-07-2017 ₹ 27.69 13000.00 16.60
PC JEWELLERS 30-04-2018 ₹ 165.80 2500.00 144.50
PNB 01-03-2018 ₹ 100.90 10000.00 95.40


Look forward to recommendations. Please bail me out from this “obsession” to see off my trading portfolio in a no-profit-no-loss situation 🙂


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