The very reason why this blog, this vent-out space came into being is a "fire in a belly" or a man possessed. Confused? Read on... I think I have had a reasonable financial upbringing. My father rose from the bottom-of-the-rung to the very top (i.e. poor to an HNI) and my parents knowingly/unknowingly fed a... Continue Reading →

Bucket List of Life

From the eyes of a 34-year old, who is sometimes happy, very introspective and often confused too. But my eureka-moment came when i realised that unless i have a bucket list, i may be living my life a bit like the chicken who doesnt know when it will be out on the butcher’s table and... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Travel Movies!

Life would be a hollow lane if one wasnt given a window to travel. It would be montonous to the core, if there werent entertaining stories/ anecdotes in it. Without spending much time on the intro, I intend to combine the two pleasures and create, possibly, the BEST EVER list of travel-movies to you. As... Continue Reading →

10 things I would do if I had more time?

We all suffer from it, don't we? We all are pressed on time — the most valuable resource we’ve ever had. Sometimes I wish the scenario in the movie In-Time was for real… Anyway there is always “time” to sit back, relax, maybe pop open a can of beer and deliberate — what if i had more free time?... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Food-Fan Moments!

I respect what i eat, food is one of the few pleasures of life which stimulates all senses — taste, smell, look, feel and sometimes hear too (ever heard the sound of coffee machine in action?). So food deserves more attention that it gets, due to our chaotic lives and pompous egos. Here is a list of my... Continue Reading →

Life’s Simple Pleasures

Some say “There are no free lunches in life”, and maybe they are right too. I am forced to critique however, and remind them of an afternoon meal at a gurudwara, comprising of dal, sabzi and rice (pity if you havent had it ever..)   The point is — Best things in life often come for free.  ... Continue Reading →

Can Money Buy Happiness?

I will start by sharing a little bit about myself, and how my 'buying' behaviour went by. A little self-loathing is always a good start at unmasking self to truth. "The more you make, the more you want, The more you have, the less it counts..." These lines have especially been true for myself. There... Continue Reading →

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