Financial Position as on 31 January 2017

As I start writing this post, I feel a bit grumpy with a capital G, to be honest. Because I ended up losing money, while ironically, the benchmark index (NIFTY 50) went up by 4.61% !

Like seriously??

And my portfolio went down by 0.39% !

I actually don’t mind losing money, its the rule of market. Totally okay with it (even though my broker’s extravagant calls are to be blamed here too), but how could you lose when overall market gained?

Luckily the slip is only 0.39% and I can live with it. But first lets deeply look at the numbers as they stand on 31st Jan 2018 –

Nifty50 change Portfolio change
31/12/17 10,530.70 2.97% ₹ 9,16,00,000 3.67%
31/01/18 11,016.00 4.61% ₹ 9,12,00,000 -0.39%

Another thing happened.

A chance meeting with a good advisor from HDFC Bank, ended up making me realise the overall incoherence of my portfolio. Within ten minutes, he made me realise that I had been working with too many brokers and on too many themes. I acknowledged my folly and agreed to divert all my investments to my new broker (voila!) starting March 2018 and maintain a 50:50 Equity-to-Debt balance.

Under this new portfolio, we have kept a return-target of 11-12% per annum (even though in my heart, the target is 10% but can’t be honest to the advisor and let him screw up!) or around 1% per month.

So all my subsequent posts shall be with this new/ revised target it purview.

Take-home lessons from LOSING MONEY this month –

  • One can’t always be beating the market. Infact sometimes matching the market/ index is good enough!
  • Sell your cleverness, buy bewilderment ! (quote by Rumi)
  • Choose your advisor wisely. Don’t have too many advisors! Infact 1 is good enough.

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