Financial-position on 30 December 2017

So the year has come to an end!

A lot (I mean it!) has changed for me personally over these last few days, and hopefully elevated me to a higher altitude – a better place. I will share more about it in separate posts.

This post is about something else. What a rewarding month this has been ! DEC2017 showed me the importance of two things –

(a) Patience – Keep your investments close and do not jitter away when market falls. My numbers’ growth below will exhibit it.

(b) Tracking – I had never before tracked my month-on-month performance. This is the first time I am doing so (and in public domain!) but the growth is exemplary !


End of NOV 2017, my total investment worth was Rs.8.12cr.

End of DEC 2017, it is 8.48cr. Jump of Rs.36lac! 4.5%

Seriously! 4.5% growth to a portfolio in a month is extraordinary to say the least. If it could be replicated for an year; CAGR is 54%!


Here’s a snapshot across Investments –

Liquid (bank, cash) —– ₹ 6,95,000
Investment —– ₹ 8,41,74,150
Mutual Funds ₹3,76,57,625
Stocks ₹2,38,68,525
Debt Funds ₹1,97,98,000
Others (gold, currencies) ₹28,50,000


Month-on-month basis, where did it improve? How did it fare vis-a-vis Indian stock markets? Lets see a comparison below ——-

(ps: I am going to use NIFTY and SENSEX broader values as benchmark. Financial wizards may criticise this approach, but hey, I am a layman writing this blog for laymen mostly)

Nifty50 change Portfolio change
30/11/17 10,226.55 ₹ 8,12,00,000
31/12/17 10,530.70 2.97% ₹ 8,48,69,150 4.52%

2.97% outdone to 4.52%. thats quite neat according to me. Some key points to remember –

  • NIFTY is hardcore stocks only. My portfolio is a mix of investment products and about 65% is Equity (stocks & mutual funds) and 35% is Debt mutual funds, fixed deposits, etc.
  • I make new investments to the tune of 300k INR per month into various SIPs into equity-mutual-funds.
  • I am not recommending anyone to invest in stocks or mutual funds or even debt funds WITHOUT due diligence and personal research and conviction.


Thats it for this post. I am hoping 2018 is going to be very very rewarding financially. Few reasons as per my limited knowledge –

  • matured domestic investors.
  • elections in early 2019
  • Modi-euphoria continues
  • no major worldwide jitters

If overall nifty is 11000+ by DEC2018; I am expecting my portfolio will be north of 10cr by year-end! that will be quite cool!


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