S.W.O.T. Analysis

Having been a student of management, this term was thrown around a lot. Frankly, it is still thrown around like pennies from Warren Buffet's pocket. But you care to conduct it when in on the crossroads. Having been at an all-time professional LOW for a while now, I finally gained some strength from somewhere to pick up... Continue Reading →

Year-end Finances September 2019

This being a personal blog - it is allowed liberties beyond normalcy/ rules, isn't it? Nice opening to justify, why I am doing a personal ANNUAL finance update instead of a monthly one? Primarily because a monthly one got too boring (I did it from NOV17-SEP18) and I discovered that I have nothing new to... Continue Reading →

Mating with Marijuana

  Hash, Cannabis, Pot, charas, Ganja, Bhaang, Dope, Grass or Marijuana; I have flirted with the idea of having them all through my life. At 35, I had had given a 'shot' to all sins except this one (tried bhaang in college holi, but very mild and almost non-existent when compared to beer that followed)...... Continue Reading →

2019 Goals and Happiness

It is time to review the year, and the life too! I have been ambitious like an I-banker; but lately have learnt the calming effect of minimalism like a monk. Currently I am somewhere in between. It is but a fact that I will sway towards the latter (like all ageing people do), so I... Continue Reading →

Month-end Finance as on 31July2018

Ahh.. the musky deer... the white elephant... the.. the.. nirvana fountain - it is here !   After months, and months, and months, and months of waiting; I finally look forward to writing a post about my month-end finances. Why shouldn't I? Markets are at an all-time high and for the first time - my... Continue Reading →

Month-end Finance as on 30th JUNE 2018

A late post... partly because of laziness, busy schedule... but mostly because of NOTHING NEW TO SAY!   I will make it short and crisp. Self-loathing can be demoralising beyond a point... The markets were pretty volatile.. Nifty ended up roughly in the same zone (-0.20%) My portfolio was heavily volatile.. It ended up -1.57%!... Continue Reading →

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